Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Pups 7 weeks

After being away for a week, it was great to return home again.
The pups did not grow  so much in size this past week,
but they sure did grow in wisdom.

They have got wise to when I want to catch them and put  then back in the barn for the night.
they have got wise to how to follow Lucy everywhere,
they have wised up to feeding schedules,
cat avoidance.
They are showing more and more independence.
Every day they walk out to the pasture and spend the day lounging in the grass.
During my "away" week the sheep where all far away on distant pastures, to make the checking easier for Eric.
These areas are not safe for little pups, so the pups only got to hangout around the barn with the chickens, cats and some lambs.
Tomorrow, the ewes get sorted again and the pups get their select ewes back.

I should be doing this right now...

But instead, I was doing this...
and the pups got a deworming,
had their nails trimmed,
and got brand spanking new color collars,
and had their pics taken.

So, this is orange, formerly F7

This is F6 now, green puppy

White paws, formerly known as F2, is now Yellow

Light blue or Baby blue was F1

Pink, she is a real pink lady F5

F3 is looking dorky here, but she really is not a dorky pup.
She is now Brownie, or Brown collar

Purple was baby Vuk, or F7

Dark blue male, M2

Big Red, aka M1

This is baby Vuk


Orange pup

Dark blue boy

Light Blue girl


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