Monday 28 September 2015

Sheep, dogs, more sheep and more dogs

The grazing season is winding down and the fall is in full swing.
The leaves have turned, the first night frosts, a light snow and sub zero temperatures at night mark the end of summer.
The first group of sheep have moved back home now to graze the second cut alfalfa.
The routines are shifting as the days get shorter.
The sarplaninacs are energized from the cooler weather and the collies are happy with all the flock moves.

Here are some images from around the ranch this past week or two.
Border collies Bob. Lad and Sheego move the ewes on towards home.

And, down the road

Eric got the last straw baling done.

Mali leads the way in the alfalfa pasture

Sheep in the fall

All bases covered;  Fena, Katcha and Vuk

Leading the way through the gate is sarplaninac Lucy, while Mali brings up the rear.

Main man Vuk

Vuk does his rounds past the cows

When moving the flock around the neighborhood, the guardian dogs get to ride.

The new barn


Sunday 20 September 2015

A sign of the times

This autumn feels rather dichotomous.. 
The only rain we really had this year, fell recently,
giving the grass a boost.
The grass looks spring green and yet the leaves are turning into the warm shades of fall.

And then, look what we found this weekend,
we are a few weeks away from the first snow and we get a baby calf.

Baby Blackie is doing well.

The sheep had an added bonus from this new, fresh grass growth.
They are happy to be grazing and of course our guardian dogs are energized by the evening coolness.

Fall is  the time of
stunning sun sets, northern lights and dramatic morning skies.

I love autumn, it truly is my favorite season.

Wednesday 16 September 2015

For Sale

Sadie and Maddie are for Sale.
These two, 16 week old Sarplaninac pups are for sale.
Here are the "technical" details:
They were born on May 23, 2015
kids from Grazerie's Lucy and Shar Mountain Vuk.
Both of these dogs are formidable,and proven livestock guardian dogs,
fantastic, stable temperaments.
The pups are both females, but are not in my opinion "breeding" quality
 because of tiny (healed) navel hernias.

They are vaccinated, and have had their rabies shots.
Health checked.
They have been in and around sheep, horses and a calf.
They know how to tie and walk pretty good on a lead.

These pups come with our guarantees,
 and as much support as you may need.
They can be shipped,
but can only be shipped before winter really sets in here.

Price: $1000 Canadian dollars
If shipping to the USA, the price is a little more for the additional vet checks ( $1300 CAD, $985 USD)

For those who have followed the pups, Sadie is the "red" pup and Maddie is the "purple" pup.

Here the pups are learning to tie,
 and they were not amused!

Back pup is Maddie and front pup is Sadie.

Sadie is the sweetie of the two.
She is pretty calm and steadfast.
She is confident in a quiet way.

Maddie is more reactive,
more energetic,
more independent and a tad naughtier.

Both these pups will be fantastic LGD, or personal and home protectors.

As for colour, both pups are in their "blond stage" and will shed out into a nice iron gray color when mature.

For more info about these two, you can contact me

Monday 14 September 2015

Two realizations today:

1. You know how some days you wake up,and take a good look around you,
and then suddenly realize,
 that your husband has become a chicken hoarder?
Today, was one of those days.

2. The realization that kale must be one of the most beautiful plants on this planet,
 but, ooh so gross.
 This "ex-vegetarian" asks,
who can actually eat this stuff?

"I would argue that nothing gives life more purpose than the realization that every moment of consciousness is a precious and fragile gift."
~Steven Pinker

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Another, fire set back

As our neighbor said," if we did not have bad luck, we would have no luck at all."
It is with total amazement this past week that we watched our semi and trailer, with a load of hay go up in flames. 
It really could not be happening again, after the massive barn fire we had in February.
But, it did.

On our free Labour Day Monday morning, Eric and I decided to haul bales home.
We had the semi and trailer, and the tractor with a trailer so could bring home a decent size load.
We loaded the Mack, and while Eric was driving it home, I would load the other trailer.
About 15 minutes after Eric left, he called me that I needed to come with the tractor asap as the semi was in flames.

The fire department passed me on the road and I could see the plume of smoke miles away.
I could not believe it.
Not one big fire this year, but two.

Pulling up, I could see that every bale was on fire, the wheels burning and neighbor Billy with his own water truck trying to keep the fire from spreading to the  cab and fuel tanks (which were completely full, as Eric had fueled up this morning).

The first order of business was to put out the fire,
 and prevent it from spreading into a unharvested organic grain crop of good friends of ours.

As there was nothing I could do, but watch,
I took pictures of the scene with my cell phone.

This was first pictures of us loading the semi.

My last view from within the cab.
I had actually thought that it is funny that we have to look at a bulldog's butt while driving.
It amused me enough that I took a picture.

This was my next view of the Mack.

And, then the clean-up begins.
In order to put out all the bales, they needed to be pushed off the trailer, broken open and then wet down with water.
Eric used the tractor to push them off while the fire department ensured that flare ups where dealt with directly.

Then drag the semi away.

Drag the trailer away.

Make sure all the hay is completely wet and no fire.
Pack up time.

We headed home in disbelief.
I am sure you are all as shocked as we were.
Thank you for the kind words of encouragement on Facebook.
Although we are getting a little weary of all the set backs,
we do know that we will keep moving forward,
albeit, slower.

Thank you to friends who have helped again,
and thank you to the volunteer Fire Department from High Prairie.
 We know you all by name now as we have made a little to much use of your services this year.

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