Predator Friendly Ranching

What is Predator Friendly Ranching?
This is not some tree hugging, hippie type of Disney- wolf loving fanaticism.
To me this is ranching AND co-existing with our wild neighbors.
  • finding a balance between ranching and environment
  • being  a caretaker of our natural world
  • understanding the importance of all species, also keystone predators
  • understanding that livestock management is the biggest step in being able to ranch with wolves, bears, cougars and coyotes
  • we utilise various approaches to persuade predators to go elsewhere, we use guardian dogs, herding dogs, fencing, corralling, protecting the young and weak
  • we actually go out and manage our sheep and cows
  • we try to be aware of which predators are in the area
  • we lamb indoors to protect the baby lambs
  • we run older cows with the heifers to help the heifers to be able to protect their first calves
  • our bulls and rams share a pasture with a guardian dog. Running multi species together also adds to protection level in the pasture.

    All in all, we try to find a way  to ranch with the wildlife that inhabits our area.

 I will also try to have a number of like minded guest bloggers who will contribute to this blog.
This blog will also cover other aspects of life on our North Alberta ranch.

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