Wednesday 21 January 2015

The pups, 5 weeks and 2 days old

 The pups change radically at that 4 to 5 week old milestone.
They become super interactive, and their characters become more clearly defined.
It is one of the nicest stages as they discover a larger world.

Taking these pictures was the pups first time in the snow.
Although initially, surprised, they were soon face-deep in the snow.

The pups had a ball and I had fun watching them.
Here are the pictures from the entire litter.

The color on each picture, is the color of the puppy collar,
this helps me identify them on the photo's.
Although they look very much alike, in real life the differences are easily seen.
Size, character, coat color, texture of the coat all distinguish the pups from each other.
On photo's is is harder to see these differences.

Last time I had not had collars on the boys,
this week I do.

So, male puppy 1 : Grey
grey is the smallest male, very active, loves an adventure
pup 2: Blue
Is very similar in looks to Purple. He is a steady, middle of the road pup now.
I love middle of the road pups, not shy, but also not the first to get into trouble.
pup 3: Purple
He is the big boy who melts you heart. He is along with blue, a middle of the road pup.
Nice, calm temperament.
pup 4: GreenHe is a little on his own mission, not easily won over to the sweet sounds of "puppy puppy".
He is a little standoffish.

Boy's first:

The boys:

The girls:

Yellow is the people pleaser, she loves to be with people, is always happy to see you. She is the smallest and darkest pup in the litter.

Beige is the pup that is on the go. Tough to make pictures of, as soon as you are focused, she is on the go. She is independant in a nice way.

Pink is the biggest girl, she reminds me in looks to  the green boy, however her character is more middle of the road. She is steady in her temperament, nothing too outgoing, average activeness.

Orange is the beauty, a little more standoffish.
She is the explorer of the girls.

Brown, is also a looker, very similar to Orange in looks, a little smaller in size.
She is probably the shyest pup this week. A little cautious in what she does,
not the first to dive into something. She is the quietest pup of the bunch.
However, shy this week, she could next week be the bravest. They change so much that I am sure this will change.

The pups are housed next to the ewes and the lambs, so they have all day sheep TV.
They can interact through the fence.
They have met and have to share their food with the barn cat, they have met Alaska, and know that she is a grumpy old bitch.
They get transported in the wheel barrow and go for little walks with me.
The are eating well, have had their nails clipped and will get a deworming later today.

I am happy with the development of the pups and excited to see them grow more into their characters.

As we will be away next week, these pictures, will have to do for a while.

We still have a male and a few females available.
If you are looking for a well raised, well bred Sarplaninac,
then this may be the litter for you.

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Wednesday 14 January 2015

Pups 4 weeks old: The girls

It was the turn of the 5 girls in this litter to have their pictures taken.
Some pups are just easier to take good pictures of, because they sit still,
or react nicely to my squeaky sounds.

Sometimes they have good days and other day's, well
they also have bad hair days.

The fun thing is that the individual characters are now starting to show.

All the girls in a barrow,

Yellow girl

Brown girl

Yellow and brown

Miss Pink, she is one of the biggest girls.
Looking at her head, she reminds me of the boy pup 4.
Similar, expression.

Orange Lass

Beige girl,
anytime a pup is perched up high on a bale means, she would not sit still for a picture. to keep her in a spot, I place them on something high, that tends to slow them down long enough to take a picture.

Or, I use my sheep smelly shoes to hold their attention.
Beige was all over the place during this photo session.

All together.


nom nom nom
trying out some mutton

the door of the whelping area is now open, so the pups can come and go as they please.
They love the extra space to explore.
As they have started eating solid food, it is also the ideal moment for them to have the door open so they can learn to do their "business" outside of their sleeping area.

Although a really poor picture,
this gives an overview of this part of the barn area.
 The whelping box is to the left of the red pump house,
the panels separates the puppy area from the rest of the barn.
Just to give you some scale, our barn is 300 feet long, 80 wide and 24 high)
( I do not want the pups wondering around the whole barn, or risk being run over by a tractor).
The ewes and lambs are on housed next to the pups.
The pups can see and observe and sniff the sheep all day.
As the pups get older, and bigger, then they are allowed into the area with the sheep to mingle.

We always bed the pups on straw and their whelping box still has a heat lamp for the pups.
As they get older, we can remove the heat lamp, however at 4 weeks, in an Alberta winter,
it can still be too cold.

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