Monday 17 September 2018

Lucy x Kushi Pups

The pups are doing well. They have had their first vet checks, multiple dewormings, microchipped and are all eating well. Due to extremely bad weather the pups have not managed to languish outside in the pasture with the sheep in the sun. So, instead of the pups being out with the sheep, we brought some sheep to the pups in the barn.
We have also seen an increase in predator activity, so we also felt it was not safe to leave the pups outside unattended.
The first pups will be leaving this next weekend.
Here are some pictures of the pups experiencing their first snow.

This is Kushi, the father of these pups.


Purple boy

Pink girl

Small male

Red boy

no collar girl

Green girl

Yellow girl

Following Aunty Silver

Silver meeting the pups

Green or Yellow with purple boy in the background

red boy strutting his stuff

Small male

Red and blue

Red, blue and purple boys

Purple boy

yellow or green, these two are like twins hard to tell apart.

pink girl

Yellow or Green girl

Small male

Puppy taxi

Getting some loving 

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