Saturday 7 May 2016

Surprise finds

Yes, we do know when rams go into the flock,
or when a mare visits a stud horse,
but some times,
 things do come as a little surprise.

Sugar did visit the stud horse, and according to our calculations the baby would still not be due by today.
So, when we went out to the pasture this past week we were in for a little surprise.

Without giving us ample warning or waxing,
she just popped out this stunning dun filly foal.
All perfect, healthy and strong.

I had been thinking about putting Sugar in her own pen so she could foal in peace with out a pup, a teenager and an adult sarplaninac dog, an assortment of rams and a bunch of bulls who are in a perpetual state of grouchiness, disturbing her when foaling.
I thought she would appreciate some quite time.
Instead, she had the baby in all the hustle and bustle and things are just great.

There was not a moment the baby was unprotected.
This filly had a bevy of bodyguards watching out for her.
Even puppy Valko, realized he is now,
 not the baby in the pasture anymore.

 Yes, the one dog is wearing a veterinary cone.. but despite the cone,
his guardian duties continue

Shara and Meco keeping an eye out on new baby.

And, then night fell, and I knew baby filly was going to be safe.

So, although expected, the timing was unexpected, and the best thing of all,
everything went great.

The next surprise came from some feedlot ewe lambs we bought in.
Usually, we do not buy  ewe lambs who are bred, it just complicates matters.
So, when I noticed our Lucy being a little protective towards some cows in a neighboring field, a small alarm bell went off in my head.

I walked to that specific fence line and lo and behold,
the sweetest, tiniest little black newborn lamb was laying besides its young mom.
Lucy being Lucy, she watched over this baby from a reputable distance ensuring mom and babe are undisturbed and safe, and that no cow would venture too close.

And, then the final little surprise for the week,
 Jess and I were out riding, we always look for tracks, wildlife and other interesting finds, while out in the bush.
Last night we went riding and found plenty of wildlife signs,
we found grouse poop, coyote tracks, moose, elk and deer tracks, we found baby bear scat, big wolf tracks and big bear tracks.
I regard these "finds" as nature's gifts to us.

So, all in all, a great week!
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