Wednesday 30 December 2015

Good Bye 2015, welcome 2016

My new years wish has almost become a tradition now,
so I will stick with the same format as the last few years, a collection of thoughts and wishes illustrated by our guardian team.

 I do not do resolutions, but I do have wishes,
these are things I wish for me and my family,
and you and your family.

This past year has been one of the toughest years for us, big and heart breaking disasters, but also lots of kind, tender and compassionate moments.

From bad things, we move on and look forward to  good and positive things.
First and foremost,
 wishing you a happy new year!

Here is to new beginnings, and new hope.

Play, dance and wrestle together.

May you always have someone who will watch over you.

Your power lies, within your pack.

Take time to rest your head.

Hang out with good friends

Enjoy the ride.

Turn away from things that make you unhappy.

Reflection is a good.

May, you always have a warm and soft place to go to.

Be confident.

Be a team player.

Always show your best side.

Go on adventures

Good food, good friends

Run, like you have wings.

Love your family.

Be goofy.

Be open to meet new people.

Be tolerant of those who are different to you.

Be gentle.


 Have someone to show you the way.

Kisses are good.

Go with a purpose.

Be a mentor.

 Honest friends are essential in life.

May someone always have your back.

Jump for joy.

Some days, you just need to be incognito.
Enjoy the superpower of invisibility.

Be a leader, show the way.

Feel safe, knowing someone is watching out for you.

Share a laugh.

Explore new trails.

Broaden your horizons.

Some lessons must be learnt the hard way.

Bask in the glow of the sun.

May you be surrounded by people who believe in you.

Venture out and discover the world.

Be brave

 Be different.

Go for a walk, nature replenishes your soul.

Have a listening ear.

Hangout with your tribe.

Guardian angels come in all shapes and sizes.

Be watchful.

Take a moment to enjoy the beauty surrounding you.

 Someone to show you the way.

Know that you are safe.

Look beyond the boundaries, that hold you back.

CHEERS! to 2016

Happy New Year from Louise, Eric, Jess and Roy.
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