Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Cows, coyotes and wild woman of the north

Time got a little away from me recently, and have not managed to blog much.
In fact, have not managed to do fun things like take pictures either.
The short days really takes a toll on the available  daylight time.

So, sometimes the day work rolls into night work.
Feeding the cows under the stars is a different experience.

Our winter has not really arrived, barely any snow, mild temperatures which does allow us to do many jobs that otherwise would not be done until spring time.

My last week has been primarily doctoring Meco.
He suffered a rather traumatic injury, that has required a lot of veterinary intervention.
His progress is slow, and some days he seems to have more set backs.
He will be back at the vets for more assessments and decisions how to repair the damage.
All I can say, he may not be quite so handsome, when all is said and done.

This week the love between Roy and Meco was way more gentle, than wild romping in the field from two weeks ago.

The other big news is that the builders are back to finish the workshop part of the barn.
This area of 40 x 80 feet, will be fully insulated, providing a snug place to work, have lambs and keep our equipment warm and dry.

Nice to have progress again on the barn.

and finally, a funny story.

While out feeding the cows last week in the day light.
 I noticed a coyote sitting in the cow pasture.
He seemed totally relaxed and enjoying the winter sun.
As usual, I did not have my big fat camera with me, but none the less I whipped out my cell phone to snap a few pictures of the 'yote.

As I drove closer with the tractor, I was snapping away as at any moment he would lope off and the moment would be gone.

As I got closer with the tractor the coyote seemed totally unperturbed by the tractor, or the cows heading towards the tractor.
Happily, I was snapping away with my camera, thoroughly enjoying the moment.

I drove closer and closer, until I was no farther than about 20 meters from him, and still he was not overly concerned.
This was the moment that I thought he is rather bold and brash.

I open the door of the tractor and he slowly gets up and moves off a small way.
I see him peering away at the distance.
He then moves towards a very late born calf,
and I am thinking"what the heck"?
So, I step out of the tractor, still snapping pictures and videoing the coyote.

I yell at him, he takes a glance at me and carries on doing what he was doing.
Now, if one thing makes me mad is when a canine ignores me.
When I say "heey", I want my collies to jump to attention, I want the sarplaninac to perk up their ears and look at me,
 I would expect a wild canine to make a dash for safety.

So, now I am mad,
and take a run at the coyote, hollering like a mad woman, and chase the coyote back to the bush.
He stops and takes another look, and I pick up a stick, scream, yell and ran at the coyote again,
 just to make my point very clear.
There will be no checking out calves and ignoring me.
The poor thing got the fright of its life and high tailed it back into the bush.

I opened the gate so that the livestock guardian dogs would  have access to this pasture too.
Here are my cell phone pics of Mr Bold coyote and the mad woman..

Oh, look a coyote..

ps, sorry about the sound..

A few days later, I only saw this coyote far away on another field<
and when the tractor got closer he ran off.
Maybe, a lesson learnt?

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  1. I was recently bemoaning our shorter days, but they're long compared to yours. ;-)

    Fast, healing thoughts for Meco.


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