Wednesday 29 February 2012


Ok, not exactly..
My fame lasted a full 2.5 whole, complete minutes!
For those that missed it,
and understandably that can happen with hundreds of TV channels
Here is the interview with Alberta Prime Time about our ranch.

And, after this,
life was back to normal.
I spent yersterday afternoon vaccinating over 100 calves, ear tagging and doing a few other ummm "jobs" to male calves.
Today, Eric and I vaccinated about 265 ewes in preparation for the next 3 weeks of lambing!

Monday 27 February 2012

The gang

All the pups are doing so well.
Slowly it is getting sorted out who is going where.
I was not feeling very ambitious today, so I placed all the puppy pictures into a web album and you can view them there, without sorting out the boys from the girls etc.

Here is a small sample...

Family Day

I know, Family Day was ages ago already but I am running a bit behind..
The local Ag society in HIgh Prairie had orgainised a whole day of fun horse activities.
They had Gymkhana,
cattle sorting
and Cattle penning.
The kids felt like having a fun day away from the sheep,
so went to gymkhana.. and both kids won money.
Then they went sorting and penning,
and again they could pay for supper!

Roy was riding his 24 year old arab mare Sue,
poor girl had to run barrels, poles, sort cattle and pen.

A good time was had by all.

Friday 24 February 2012

Some interesting reading..

Yesterday this article appeared in the Western Producer.
The Western Producer is THE leading Agricultural newspaper for Western Canada.
This article is about us and our ranch and of course our Predator Friendly Status!

We like to utilse our guradian dogs as our number 1 security system.
Some people use guard donkeys/burros and other use lamas.

Here are two photo's I took at Birch Hills Colony of their guradian animals.

The donkeys:

and Lama

Tuesday 21 February 2012


Ok, the same applies as with the boys. When the pups are outside I can easily recognize them, however, when I am looking back at the photo's it is way harder to say who is who. If I am really organized:
I would take notes, each time I take a picture...
but I am not,
so you will have to guess along with me,
to see if the pictures and puppies line up!

Girl 1:Karabash, big strong girl. Quite outgoing. A fairly brave pup.
She is the bravest of the girls..

Girl 2 :
Grey pup, she and puppy 3 are very similar in nature. They are middle of the road, even tempered, quiet pups. Pup 2 is the most right pup.

Girl 3:
She and pup 2 are so similar in colour and nature, they are hard to tell apart, both are stable, quiet, playful pups. Not the first out to explore but also not shy pups. Friendly, middle of the road.

Girl 4:Dark Karabash or light grey, nice natured pup, she is friendly, outgoing and would be regarded as even tempered pup.

Girl 5:
A karabash. She is outgoing and friendly. She is also a fairly brave one.
Likes to be out and about exploring, but also loves attention! She is most like her mother!

Some group shots:

Pups 2 and 3:

Pup 2 facing the camera:

Girl 4.. I think...

Pups 1 through to 4, pup 5 was napping with Eric and the cat.

Pup 5

Pup 3:

Pup 3

 All these pups ahve really nice natures, they are very similar is size and in character.
I am actually really very pleased with how all these pups turned out. There is not one pup a runt, or less than another.

I think I would call this whole litter very even, nicely built and well natured.
Up until now I am very happy with the quality of pups that Vuk and Snowy have made!

Monday 20 February 2012

Puppy Update, they are now 6 weeks old..THE BOYS

Wow, the time has really gone by so quickly with these puppies! All the pups are spoken for and I think thay have all found wonderful homes!
Thank you to all the people who have put their trust in us for their future guardian dog. Some will be guarding stock and others families and their homes.
Just becasue they are all spoke for, does not mean that I will be stopping with making pictures..

Here are a whole bunch of photo's of all the male pups. I will try to group them puppy by puppy, but I might make mistakes as looking at the photo's it is harder to see who is who.

I actually hate "labelling" the pups as what today is a bold pup may be tomorrow a bit tired and less advernturous. All the pups seem mild mannered and friendly pups. Not one pup jumps out as being so much more dominant or shy than the others. In fact these pups are really very even in temprament. Anyof these pups would be good for any job!
I am really happy with this whole litter. Nice quality, all well natured and good solid pups.
Male 1:
Karabash. He has the most white on his toes tips. He is a big, solid pup. He is friendly and quite adventurous. Nice natured pup. He would be regarded as bold, but this is really rather relative.

Male one is the left pup.

Male 2:Also a karabash but has less white on his toes. He is a bit quieter than male 1. Nice  big pup, friendly, very balanced and middle of the road type.

Male 3:
Is a more grey coloured pup. He is quite shy and a little bit timid. Smaller than some of the other males. I suppose he would be regarded as the shy boy of the whole bunch.

Both grey males

Male 4:
Grey male, he has a small white mark on his chest.
He is quite adventurous, in his own time.  Can be a bit shy at times and then later is really outgoing...

Both grey males.

Male 5:He is a darker karabash. Really nice looking pup. Middle of the road type., not over shy, not overly bold. Just perfect infact.

Male number 5 on the right.

I hope I got this right... I might have mixed up the two karabash puppy pictures and the two greys might also not be spot on...
If my puppy buyers have a preferance for a certain pup, let me know which one you think you may like best and then I can see if I think it will be compatible for what you are wanting the pup for!

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