Thursday, 2 February 2012

Some really interesting things..

...are happening at the gallery (Terra Magica) of Peter Dettling  in Canmore.

I am so excited, that I feel everyone should know about this exhibition!
 Peter Dettling is an award winning photographer and has his own Gallery in Canmore, Alberta.
 The launching of his new exhibition “Of Wolves, Bears & Men” will begin on February 11th, 2012!
Not only will you be able to look at some fantastic photography, but Peter has also organised a whole series of seminars and presentations for the next few months.
Click here to read more about this.

The first presentation of the series will be given by Gunther Bloch, a renowned expert on canine behaviour.
His first presentation will be on:
Wolf Behaviour Patterns in a human Dominated Environment”
on Feb 11th

The following presentatation that Gunter Bloch will be giving is on:

"Wolf Behaviour, of alpha wolves, dominance and other behavioural cliches
This one will be held on Feb 17th.

Anyone interested in animal behaviour,
or even wanting to learn more about the behaviour of dogs,
and wolves!
 Then this series of seminars is definatly one to attend.

Take the time to read the posters and sign up for some of these presentations.
For anyone interested in wolves, bears, conservation, animal behaviour and stunning photography then these weekends would be of interest to you!

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