Tuesday 31 January 2012

Snacks and Supper

We like to feed raw.
However, I am not a dog food fanatic
and  sometimes they just get plain commercial food....

Everydog has its own "style" while eating.
Some hoard,
some guzzel,
some rip,
some stash,
 and some pull funny faces!

Elk legs are great toys!

Fena got the back and ribs.
It is the prize!
She parades away with her supper,
and always goes and eats in the middle of the sheep,
much to the disgust of the ewes.

All the dogs will take turns eating at this,
and will spend days chewing and gnawing away at it!
The dogs are fanatical about chasing the ravens away from this prize!

Food is not just about calories and nutrients.
It is also about having a:
an object of value
it determines status
creates wars
it can be a toy.

It is often the highlight of the day!

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