Monday, 23 January 2012

We call her angelic...

Snowy is really such a perfect dog,
I am usually  honest to a fault  about my dogs,
however Snowy really has no faults!
(Ok, she could be a bit faster and slightly more energetic at times)

Here is a short list of her qualities:
  • she has never, ever chased sheep, been naughty, chewed ears or anything of that nature.
  • she was easy to raise
  • she is actually pretty obedient
  • she is always calm and composed
  • she is alert and loves to hunt down coyotes
  • she is sweet and well natured
  • she gets on with all the other guardian dogs
  • she gets on with collies
  • she is a great mother
  • she is pretty
  • she is tolerant
  • she likes to travel on the John Deere gator
  • she never jumps fences, crawls under or sneaks out of gates.
So, now you can see why we think of her as being angelic!

To prove this point, look at these pictures.
Ten days ago she had a litter of 10 pups.
She is protective of them,
however she will allow the newborn lambs to come and visit:

While the lamb is visiting she will clean its butt.

She would not like to send it back to it's mother with a dirty behind.

She is just that kind of dog!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! She should have a halo... she is such a goody-goody, I am sure all the other dogs tease her about this!


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