Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Puppy Portraits

The pups are in such a cute stage.
they play, go on adventures, wiggle and wag when they see you,
and are still fairly attached to your legs.
They are not in the independent stage yet,
so taking 9 pups out for an evening of play falls still in the realms of possibilities.

I am waiting for my colour coded collars to arrive,
that will make identification on my pictures so much easier.
Even though I know each pup individually,
it is still hard to discern the differences once they are on the photo's.
Some pups are more recognizable by a certain look in their eye,
or they way they carry themselves,
having the collars just makes photographing them just easier.

We still have 3 female pups available,
for more information please contact me
or check out our website

So, here they are,
all head shots today.

Male 1

Male 2

Female 1

Female 2

Female 3

Female 4

Female 5

Female 6

Female 7

More  photo's tomorrow...

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