Monday, 21 July 2014

Even more puppies

I know that this month the blog focus has been all about the puppies.
However, for the people buying pups this is the easiest way to show them all the puppy pictures.
Today's pictures; I tried to focus on a certain group of pups,
so not every pup will be pictured today.
Some group shots.

The pups are for the most part weaned now. They still have mom Lucy to guide them and show them  the way.
Grandma Fena provides some extra help.
The pups are in a 5 acre pasture, they have about 12 ewes for company.
If the weather is bad they still go to the barn.
Getting them to and from the barn is a challenge.
Sarplaninac pups are not like border pups where when you call, they all come running.
No, Sar pups go and explore the compost heap, they expand their territory in all directions, they follow their noses and seem almost deaf to the calls of "puppy puppy".
Sure, they come, but all on their own time.

So, to make the move to the pasture a little quicker,
we have a puppy transporter.

Thank you Roy.

Pink at the end of a yawn, she looks like a killer!!


Prurple ( baby Vuk)



Yellow (blogger won't turn my pictures the correct way round..)


Red boy



Mom Lucy, she is shedding her coat.

Purple ( little Vuk)

Poor sheep,
 however, the sheep are teaching the pups some respect when they tend to get a little too rambunctious.

Yummy, fresh sheep poop, dark blue boy

Yellow pup with grandma


Stand off?

Pups spend a large portion of their time wrestling with one another.

Prange left and red on the right

Pups watching Roy and the sheep

The advantages of growing up is that you can then drink out of the sheep water trough.

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