Thursday 17 April 2014

For sale - Shadow

We have 3 intact male Sarplaninac dogs.
We do not need three intact Sarplaninac males.
We cannot use him for breeding as he is family to all our dogs already,
and, as I am slowly starting to think about importing a new (hopefully), future stud dog,
I have decided to sell Shadow.

This decision was not lightly made as Shadow is awesome.
He will ONLY be available to an equally awesome owner.

So, here are the "details".
Shadow is a registered (UKC) Sarplaninac, intact male dog.
We bred him from our Snowy and Vuk.
He is pretty big (130 lbs) full of sweet goofiness.

All his life he has hung out with cattle:

and sheep:

He is calm, controlled and diligent.
He is excellent with kids and people,
and loves to be handled.
He understands dog behavior and you can work herding dogs around him.

He respects all fences, does not jump over them, go through them or under them.
He knows electric fences and also temporary sheep nets.
He walks, most of the time, nicely on a lead,
can be chained up, and handled all over.
He has traveled on the back of a pick up, however will not hop in on his own yet.
He loves belly rubs.

He is a true friend, protector and guardian.
He is two and half years old.

Shadow is for sale to the right owner.
For more information about him,
please email me


  1. He is beautiful and I love him. I sure hope his new owners do too. Eileen

  2. Hi do you still have him? Where do you live? how much are you asking for him....i am very interested in is he with kids as i have 4 young kids? please email and let me know as i am very interested...and would love to come see him...please send me your number so i can call you

    1. He was sold back in 2014 to people in TX. Thank you for inquiring.


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