Wednesday 30 April 2014

Catch up...

 Much has happened these last few weeks,
 it is  time to play blog catch up.
I have some random updates, some news, some pictures for this blog.
It may not all be in a logical order,
but that is probably due to being tired.
So, I will list some things in points.
When I am tired, I like point form,
it creates order
in my foggy brain.

1. The end of lambing is in sight, about another 70 to go.

1a. Most of the lambs were born on the first cycle.

2. We are a third done calving.

3. In about 2 weeks we should be having a foal.
4. In about 3-4 weeks we should be getting some sarplaninac puppies
5. The snow is gone
6. We have had 2 days of spring
7. Vuk is awesome
8. We attended the local amateur rodeo, to hell with lambing..
9. My despondent mood is over.
10. The mud is drying.
11. We may have snow on Sunday
12. Eric is Edmonton
13. Northern lights have been very pretty lately.
14. I have a new lens for my camera, and that takes some getting used to.

This past week has been very busy.
We decided we needed to do some spring cleaning within our sheep flock.
I was radical in culling:
 Any sheep, 
no matter, 
what age, what breed, or if they were my favorites had to go if they:
 did not raise a lamb,
had a dead lamb,
too skinny,
looks weird,
jumps fences.. etc
out she went !
No mercy!
So, we had a liner come up and load finished lambs, cull rams, goats and the cull ewes.
Almost, 180 left.
And, that cleans up nicely.
Loading in the sun.

Bella getting up close with sheep..
Some of the animals in the barn:

Dorset type lamb
Fluffy, cat napping
Hello baby

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