Saturday, 9 November 2013

Border Collie pup update

The little rascals are doing good.
They are still a little small for their age,
however considering that:
1. I had no idea they were on there way,
2. had worked mom Sheila up until she whelped,
3. did not feed Sheila as an expectant mom..
it is to be expected that they are (maybe) on the lighter side...

I did make some "inbetween" pictures however  they never made it to this blog.
They did get onto our Dutch  blog though..
So, to see them: click HERE

These pictures were taken today.

This is a fluffy girl, soft, sweet and a little timid.
My favorite.

This is the black girl, she is Eric's choice.

This is the short coated girl.
I like her too.

Same girl, no with the only tri colour and only male..

Fluffy female, sweet as candy

The boy, cute as a button.

All the pups

Shy girl, snow queen

These next bunch of pictures were taken yesterday.
We brought the pups inside for some snuggle and cuddle time
 as we have had over 6 inches of snow overnight and it is getting cold.
Cuddling close to the furnace is so much nicer.

 Sweet girl

Black girl

Fluffy girl

Shy girl

Black girl

I must have missed the boy on this photo session..
Have a wonderful day.

1 comment:

  1. So gorgeous!!!!! I love the look of the boy, but they are all beautiful.



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