Wednesday, 26 December 2012

No news really...

Like every fanatical blogger,
even if I have no news..
I still blog!

So, here is what has been happening.

The kids have Christmas holidays..

The cows and sheep are fed..

The chickens are laying eggs..

I get our truck stuck almost daily on our ranch..

Some days are sunny and others are cloudy...

It has been very cold lately, our "highs" have been -28 Celsius,
our lows have been somewhere in the -30's Celsius.

That means the collies get an extra thick straw bed for during the day,
and a an extra thick straw bed in their night boxes.

Christmas was a quiet event this year.
The tree was a bit later than normal...
however it was up and decorated before Christmas eve.
We were all good and Santa brought us some interesting gifts...
Like, I got an air compressor! Yay!
And Eric got the normal male type of gifts like tools and knives.
Roy got tools, tool box and some model things to build.

Santa gave Jess a painting of her and her Loretta..
Our fantastic neighbours came over for a relaxed and  low stress supper.

I think the biggest news right now is that we are expectantly waiting for our lambing time to start.
The ewes are plump.
We have started the watch routine.
Every two hours day and night,
 someone walks up and down to the barn to check up on the sheep.

I have the late night ( graveyard) shift.
My alarm wakes me at 1.50am.. and I usually crawl back to bed again at about 5 am if all is quiet.

Sounds like hell, but
I actually love this time:
the quite, peacefulness, the dark nights, the starry nights, the moon, sometimes the northern lights, the cold,
the ewes chewing their cud in the deep straw, the walk back to the house,
the warmth of the house, the couch, the all night news
and then the walk back to the barn again for another check.

I hope you all had a quiet and good Christmas!


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