Friday, 25 March 2011

The persuaders and enforcers

We use the Sarplaninac breed for our livestock guardian dogs.
This breed originates from the mountains of former Yugoslavia.
This is a land race developed by the villagers and shepherds to protect their livestock from predators.
Our dogs live 24/7 with our 600 ewes, rams and cattle.
In the summer our ewes graze in fairly dense bush. To help ensure their safety we always send anywhere between 3 and 5 dogs out with the flock.
Our ranch is surrounded by bush and forest, and is home to many large predators.
We utilise (amongst other things) guardian dogs to persuade predators to go elsewhere.
This is our team:
Beli, the stable leader



A persuader, Fena

Her son, Stormy.

Vuk, he will be an enforcer when he grows up.




Alaska, she is definitely an enforcer..

 And then we  have Molly and Buddy:

 One day will also be big and strong...

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