Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A weekend away

With the ranch and all the animals we have,
 it is really hard to actually go away.
It takes a lot of organization, timing and planning.
As we have not been away together as a family for a few years,
I decided to plan a "surprise" weekend away.
I knew Jess would be home for Thanksgiving and after organizing with the ladies at Eric's work, I booked a few days in a cabin in Jasper National Park.

It was rather amusing, as our family really does not know
"how to tourist".
We tried our best.
We did the traditional things like sticking our heads through painted figures,
we stopped by the road side to take photo's of all the tame elk, we sat in the giant "hot springs" tub,
we played pool in the cabin's game room and we went to some of the "sights" around Jasper.

The best thing of it all was just going for the walks together, and having the opportunity to take pictures of the kids and Eric.
Watching the kids bickering,
and eating giant brownie sundaes together is part and parcel of family holidays!

Looking for wildlife in Jasper is anti-climatic.
On an average fall day in High Prairie, I can normally see:
2-3 moose, white tails, mule deer, elk, coyotes, fox, eagles, sandhill cranes, geese, hawks, squirrels and now and again the odd bear, wolf and fisher.
In Jasper, we saw "tame" (totally habituated) elk, a mountain sheep ewe disappearing over a ridge, a few squirrels and an eagle.

I love the mountains and they make me feel in awe.
The canyons, the water falls, the views and the crisp mountain air is something I really can appreciate.
 However, I can see that Jasper in the tourist season would be like a nightmare to me.
I think, I can appreciate the "road less traveled"
a bit more.

It was fun, relaxing and a good way to spend Thanksgiving.

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