Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Puppies week 5 - soggy pups

The pups are 5 weeks old now.
Since the birth, we have not had rain.
As the pups spend their days lounging outside,
the rain came as a slight shock to them.
Despite the rain, I wanted and needed to get their week 5 pics done as I am heading off to Vancouver this week.
So, please forgive me, but all the pups are a little:
and moisturised
 For the puppy lovers out there in cyber space,
this is going to be a bonus week as I have two blogs, full of puppy pics.

The first ones are the 5 week old mug shots:

Oh Henry

Mr Big






Kit Kat



The next blog of pictures are way cuter..
I hope to have them up SOON!

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