Friday 16 November 2012

Ok, it is time to end this...

Karma definatly has a way to humble someone.
After my gloating,
this is what happened to me...
And yes, I was driving.
And ok,
I am sorry.
This is our white chevy, the door is damaged, the window is broken and the frame is a touch bent.

This is the other guy truck..
His vehicle had to be towed away.

Nobody was injured, mostly material damage.
We thought it was overkill with 3 fire trucks and the police..
However, it is good to know they are there to help.

We could drive our truck home.
With duck tape and plastic we managed to close up the broken window and drive home.
The kids were not hurt and Roy was quite excited about his first ever car accident.

I was responsible for this accident,
however I do believe that the other guy had a small part in this.
Well, I am thankful that all ended well.
The damages will be in the tens of thousands of dollars.
We are luckily "all risk" insured.

So, all ends well.
I am sure,
 I will not live this one down for a long time...
beware karma has a way to humble people!

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