Saturday, 14 December 2013


and it snowed and it snowed..
So, we get snowed in yesterday.
No school buses,
and no vehicle could leave our yard.
So, Eric stayed home and we plowed snow, and we shovelled snow,
and we got stuck in the snow, and we lost tractor parts in the snow,
we put hay bales out in the snow..
It was a long, sort of overwhelming day yesterday.

Today, was a repeat of yesterday, however we had some help from the neighbours,
who came with their tractor to help get enough feed out to all the animals.
The weather was less brutal today,
so the job did not feel as bad as yesterday.

Here are some images from our snow days..
(some are from the previous snow storm we had..)

Our house

The collie house

Roy and Pascal ( our student) got the job to shovel the snow away from the gate ways.
Eric helped with the tractor, but could not get close enough to the gates, that was the hand work..

While we were pushing snow the dogs spent the day on the chain, with all the gates open and not wanting to risk running over a dog, they spent the day watching the proceedings from the side line.

Hi Mali, you have a frosty face.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Nice shots. I thought I was the only one that puts skulls up as decoration/memorials.


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