Thursday, 26 December 2013

Reading time.

For many people this holiday time means relaxing,
and catching up on some reading.
For people interested in Livestock Guardian Dogs here is a 65 page PDF all about them!

The brother, to a very good friend of ours,
 did his thesis in Europe on integrating Livestock Guardian dogs into flocks.
He has since then passed his finals and  has given a few talks on this subject.
With his permission,
I am allowed to share his thesis with those who are interested.
I "helped" with this thesis by filling in some questionnaires and answering a whole bunch of emails.
Olaf did make one mistake;
I did not pioneer the use of LGD in Canada,
just so you all know that I am not that old!!

So, sit back, have a break and read..
and read
his thesis on the integration of adult LGD dogs into flocks in Europe.

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