Thursday, 19 December 2013

For sale - Candy

We have a number of animals for sale.
I will highlight each of them over the next few blogs.
Today is Candy's day.
Candy is from the choco-bars litter.
Her initial puppy name was Hershey's,
but has now become Candy.

Candy is registered sarplaninac pup.

She was born on August the 10th 2013,
she is a little over 4 months old.
Candy is from one of our best guardians team combos.

Her mom is Debela Meda Ste Kot North, or simply Fena.
We imported her  from the Czech Republic.
Her father is Sharmountains Vuk and he hails from the USA.
He and Fena together are my dream team as regards livestock guardian dog work.

Candy has been raised all her life around sheep,
other guardians and our border collies.
She is well mannered, walks nicely on a lead (most of the time).
She knows how to be calm when tied up, has travelled in a crate before.
She is  a really nice, friendly pup to have around.
She is well built and correct.
She will be grey in colour, she looks very blond now, however this is the fluffy puppy coat and that will change into the grey colour as she matures.
Candy on the left, Oh Henry on the right

She is vaccinated, micro chipped and on regular deworming.
She is registered with the UKC.

She comes with life time support,
free advice,
and our normal pup guarantees

Candy would also make a fantastic family, home, acreage guardian.
She is sociable and friendly.

She is well started and has not shown any bad behaviour to the stock.
We do not believe in raising feral guardian dogs, so she is accustomed to being handled.

For more information about her,
please feel free to contact us for more information.
You can email us HERE

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