Thursday, 12 December 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

Sometimes, people just totally surprise me.
In  a good way.

Little gifts of thoughtfulness just touch my heart.
Barbara, thank you for all your little gifts this year,
totally unexpected and so sweet of you.
I love my coffie mug and my most recent collection of scarfs!
Ally, I love my sarplaninac sticker,
thank you for thinking about me and sending it!

I received another unexpected gift,
however this one needs a little backing-up..
It actually starts  many years ago.

We bred quarter horses in the Netherlands.
I had a great little Topsail Cody  mare, and
 bred her to a fantastic Sonitas Last stallion.
Out of the fantastic combination,
 came my black mare, Sonitas Black Magic.
She was born in my arms and I fell in love with that little filly.
We raised her, had her trained and she became my riding horse.
She was all I wanted in a quarter horse.
She would be my grow old together horse.
We bred her and had a few foals from her.

 We made the decision to emigrate to Canada in 2008.
Our initial plan was to bring some of our horses with us,
however the cost was just too prohibitive
So, began the difficult job of selling off our beloved horses.
It was a high priority that all our horses,
got great homes with loving owners.

Magic, was sold to some great people and like all owners,
I hoped that she would be able to remain with these people forever more.
However, life is not a fairy tale, 
and after a number of years these people sold her again.

Through facebook,
I got in touch with Magic's new owner Jeannine.
And, boy am I happy!
Magic has a wonderful, loving, caring owner who dotes on her as much as I did.

So, much to my surprise,
I received a little birthday gift today.
Jeannine has a small company that makes jewelry from horse (and dog) hair.
She made me a bracelet from the tail hair from my Magic and sent it off to me.

I was so moved by this random act of kindness,
the thoughtfulness really touched me.
I now have a little piece of Magic right with me.

So, if anyone is looking for a lovely,
sentimental gift I would suggest you visit her website
(it is in Dutch, but I am sure she can assist you in English)

Jeannine, Hartlijk bedankt.
Ik vond dit zo leuk and lief van jou!
So, heb ik alsnog een beetje Magic biij mij.

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