Sunday, 1 December 2013

Overdue Border Collie pups

Posting new photo's of the border collie pups
is long past overdue.
I have all the best intentions,
but then life kind of happens
and then I am left with no time to take pictures, sort them and then post them.
Combine that with being sick, having to do a first aid course, sheep meetings,
then before you know it,
another week has crept by.

Anyhow, the collies are doing great.
Full of fun and energy.
They have been wormed a few times, vaccinated, microchipped and are ready to leave.
The first one will leave soon,
she will be working on a 350 cow calf operation down the road from us.
One will be staying,
two others will be staying longer as they may be heading back to the Netherlands.
The male is possibly still available for anyone looking for:
- a well bred boder collie
-the father is my Lad, who was imported from Wales
-the mom is hardworking Sheila, whose parents also came from Wales
-the parents are hip dysplasia tested and free
-the  parents have had both opthamic as well as DNA eye testing done are both are "normal"
-the pups will be ISDS registered
-both parents are hard working farm dogs, working lots of sheep and cattle.

So, here are the latest pictures:
The pictures are not the greatest,
my camera kept fogging up,
combined with racy pups..
is never a good photographic moment.

This is the short coated girl, and will maybe be going back to the Netherlands.
She is outgoing, friendly and quite the explorer.

This is the female going to work the big cow herd:

This ugly duckling is Eric's next baby/project

This is the only tri coloured, short coated male.
He is the thinker of the bunch.

This is my favorite,
she is the long coated girl,
totally Lad..
Stand-offish and independant.
She may also be heading back to the Netherlands.

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