Friday, 20 December 2013

For Sale - Don or Black girl

This is an either /or..
Eric wants to keep one of these pups, but he does not mind which one,
So, either the tricolour male or the black female is for sale.
You can pick...

So, I will make a little write up about them both.

Their mom is Sheila,
she is a shaker and a mover.
She is not a great trials dogs as she is a little too practical for that.
She is not the kind of dog that likes to inch forward, she likes to get the job done.
She likes to get things rolling and is not afraid to nip at them.
She is not a wild gripper, but is not shy to use her teeth.
She is a great flock dog, willing and will work for anyone.
We have owned and trialled her mother, her grandmother, her half sisters, her half brothers,
we love this line of females!
Both Sheila's father and mother came from Wales.

Other pups from Sheila are working on cattle ranches, community pastures and cow/calf operations.
Two of these pups' litter mates are going to Europe to work with shepherds doing prescription grazing.

The father of these pups is Lad.
Lad has a very strong work ethic.
He works one sheep or 1000 sheep
 and cattle.
He is a great out runner, fantastic shedder, great balance, very determined.
He is a loyal and true work dog.
We imported him from Wales.

Both Lad and Sheila are hip tested and free from HD.
They are eye tested -clear
DNA tested - normal

The male pup (Don) is the only tricolour, short coated pup.
He is people orientated, obedient and happy.

The female, is a little black, short coated pup.
She is a little more cautious,
people orientated, friendly pup.

These pups are vaccinated and wormed and ready to go.
These pups come with life time support and
as much training help as you may need.
You are welcome to spend some time here on our ranch learning to work with collies if you need.
They will be ISDS registered.

For more information you can visit our website:
or you can email us for any questions you may have.

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