Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Good bye 2013 and Hello 2014

Last year, instead of wishing everyone a standard "happy new year",
I made a wish list for you.
I had so much fun doing it,
that I thought I would do it again,
some are some golden oldies and a few new ones from this past year.

So,  goodbye to 2013!
Hello, 2014.

Here are my wishes for you
and for me:

May you always be surrounded by good  friends

 Meet a few new ones

 Show you the way if you are lost

 Have that special person in your life

May you have a guardian angel watching over you

Feel safe

Have a listening ear


Be adventurous

A leader

Feel compassion

 Have someone to lean against

Have a soft and warm place to come home to

Someone to watch out for you

Friends who have your back

 Time to appreciate the beauty around you

Enjoy the crazy moments

Be tolerant of those who are different

Be kind

Remember,  when you are feeling snarly, 

there is always something to smile about..

Laugh a lot

May you always have someone to stand guard over you

and, weather the storms of life with you

 Look beyond the gate..
to 2014

May the next year bring you happiness.
From all of us.


  1. Beautiful awesome blogpost. Love it! Thanks :-)

  2. Statements so true and beautiful pics :-)

  3. The best welcome into 2014. Thank you for taking the time to prepare this, and to you the same. Cynthia Neufeld.

  4. Ok, that does it. You are my kind of people. You ROCK! <3, Teresa Duncan

  5. It is now 2015. I just came across this and have to say its one of the nicest wishes I could ever imagine. You are beautiful Louise.

  6. It is now 2015, In reviewing your fantastic website, I pulled this up. This is the best! Thank you, you are beautiful Louise.


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