Monday, 9 June 2014

Since I last blogged..

a lot has happened.
So, a little catch up is needed.
Those who follow me on Facebook are relatively up to date.

Well, first some good news.
My horse finally decided to foal.
She had a lovely bay colt,
he has no name as yet,
 as I am very indecisive as regards naming animals.

More good news, the sheep have started to head out to pasture.
We hope to shear at the end of the month when the lambs get weaned.
We have had nothing but rain and snow and more rain.
The grass is growing well, but the mud is really bad.
The big dogs love the change of routine, and are enjoying patrolling the new pastures.

The pups are doing great.
They are fat, contented and growing like weeds.
The fun part is that their eyes are opened and they are way more mobile.
Lucy is taking regular breaks from the little critters and I am sure she will look forward to going out to pasture as well!

Now, onto the "not so good news" part.

The baby calf did not survive.
After 3 days, she was still battling to breath and faded and dies.
The baby owl also died, much to Roy's sadness.
One of the pups also did not make it,
we went from 10 to 9.

The kids started to prepare their lambs and Jess her steer for
Achievement day.
More later about this!!

 So, this just about covers the last week.
I still have more to update but that will have to do for now.

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