Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Part 2 puppies - Meet and Greet

Onto a happier note:
This blog is a shout out to our ewes,
and of course,
 to enjoy the moments of cross species interactions.

We have awesome pup friendly sheep.
In fact the sheep are so friendly,
that they can be somewhat intimidating to the young pups.

The sheep are at this stage more curious about the pups,
 than the pups  are about them.
The pups are just happy to lay under the sheep, 
 or next to the sheep,
finding both shade and support.

Meet and greet

'Ewe are so sweet"

Watching over "her" babies

Mali checks in with the pups and sheep

Guardian sheep

Nuzzle nuzzle

Hi baby

 I love all these interactions and watching how gentle the sheep are to the pups,
 makes me truly believe that the bond that is formed between the dogs and the sheep is a strong one.
The sheep accept the pups into the fold, they treat them as though they are baby lambs,
the pups grow up with a trusting relationship with the sheep.
Down the road, the relationship will change, where now the sheep watch over the pups,
in the future these pups will become the guardians of their flock.

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