Monday, 30 June 2014

Mud bogging and demolition derby fun

We have this little community hall down the road from us.
Every year they host a variety of events, including our Canada Day celebrations.
A small dedicated group organize these activities,
the community rallies to volunteer,
and year after year we pull off some great events.

This past weekend was filled with glorious mud bogging fun,
metal crunching combines,
great music,
awesome fireworks,
kids games,
petting zoo
and, of course the bone crunching
demolition derby.

We had:
30 Demolition Derby Participants
20 Mud Boggers
3 combines
1 broken Finger
1 Mud Bog driver all the way from Anzac... ( google where that is)

Here are some images from the weekend:

Show and Shine?

Queitin Reddy was simply awesome

mud bogging fun

The hooker upper

Small last minute adjustments

This is what happens when farms run wild...

birds eye view

kids games

Where there is smoke...
Some of the Winners:

another day of fun at the Pioneer Threshermans Association,
for our traditional Canada Day Celebrations!

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