Thursday, 26 June 2014

4-H Achievement day

A few weeks back the kids completed their 4-H Achievement day show and sale.
It has been a busy 4-H year, 
Jess did a market lamb, ewe lamb, prospect ewe and fed market steer project.
Roy  did a market lamb, ewe lamb and prospect ewe.
For her market steer Jess decided to try a Simmental steer from a breeder relatively close to us,
she went to collect the steer, however on having a closer look,
 she decided to go with one of our own home bred Aberdeen Angus calves.
She named him..."Angus".
He was a good steer, fairly easy to halter break, and stayed steady on his feed.
He started off at 660 lbs and his finished weight was 1285 lbs.
His average growth was 2.9 lbs per day, over 215 days.

The lambs of the kids also did well, growing consistently.
The weeks before show day all the preparations start, with extra grooming, better leading, for the lambs learning to walk well without halters.
The washing and grooming of all these animals takes time and work.

Finally, show day arrives.
The tension and  the excitement is energising.
The kids are trimming and clipping and cleaning all in preparation for the big day.
In total 34 steers were entered, and 7 market lambs.
This is the "big" show of our District, where various 4 -H clubs come together to compete.

The sheep judge, Tommy Elliot raised the bar and the kids where expected to show at Provincial level.
I must admit I was very proud of "my" 4-H group as they did an awesome job on their lambs.

All the lambs were market finished,
groomed to perfection and shown like the professionals these kids are.

Jess and Roy did well.
Jess and Roy accomplished  in the sheep classes:
 1st Sn Grooming
1st Sn Showmanship
Grand Champion Ewe Lamb
Grand Champion Market Lamb and with this a nice big fat shiny belt buckle!

Roy won the Prospect Ewe,
Reserve Champion ewe lamb.

Perhaps, the most exciting part was the market steer competition.
Jess is a natural show (wo)man and prides herself in the grooming classes.
She won the top honor's in Sn Grooming and Sn Showmanship with her steer at District level.

She won at our club level Champion Steer and moved on to the district competition against the other  top steers,
competing against Charolais , Angus and Simmental steers.

The judge drew it out,
quizzed the kids about their animals,
asked questions such as;
 "what would you change on your steer to improve him?"

The judge lectured the crowds,
he lined the kids up,
he kept the suspense high..

His top steer was an Angus,
his Reserve Grand Champion steer,
 was "Angus".
2014 Reserve Grand Champion Steer "Angus"

It was SO close,
some rooted for Jess's steer and other people for the "other steer".
Both were good steers,
both were black Angus,
This is the best beef in town!
We were proud that our home bred steer,
made it to the top ranks.
In the last 5 years, we have had 2 Reserve Grand Champions.

Angus, was finished to perfection.
He was a good steer for Jess to work with.

After the show, it is the time for the kids to say farewell to their animals,
as the market animals get auctioned off to the highest bidder at the end of the day.

Every year we are grateful to all the people and businesses
who come out and support the kids and 4-H.

Thank you to Keller Construction for buying this awesome steer,
to the Park Theater for buying the Grand Champion lamb and to
Johnny's Meats and Sausages or buying Roy's market lamb.
This has been a really successful year for both Jess and Roy,
and we appreciate all that 4-H has done for our kids and the opportunities afforded to them.

The next BIG event will be the Provincial Sheep Show in a few weeks.

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