Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Puppies: 3.5 weeks old

The puppies are doing really well.
They have hit all their developmental miles stones that they are supposed to be reaching at this stage.
Their eyes are open.
The can lift their bodies up and are waddling around.
They have started very elementary playing with each other.
They have ventured out of the whelping box.
They have started to eat solid foods.
They can go out and find Lucy if they want a drink.
They make voluntary sounds.
Reacts to being called,
and sweetest of all,
they wag their tails!

So, all in all things are going well.
The pups are pretty dark with two females having no or tiny white markings,
one lighter colored pup and one with bigger white front socks.
The others are all pretty typical.

I definitely see little Vuk's and Lucy's in this litter.
Lucy is doing a fantastic job being a first time mom.

I am so super excited to keep watching them develop,
 and see more distinction in each of their characters.

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