Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunset at the ranch

The days are long,
the sun is shining,
and we have a some time again.
I took my camera with me on a walk last night,
here are some of the pictures.

Eric drove the tractor in a hole,
thank you to our  good neighbors for saving him.

The first real signs of spring:

Meet and greet:

Doing a pasture check, see if any new calves have been born,
or if anyone needs babysitting.

Mother love..

We have our  ewes that had lambed in January in with the calving cows, it is easier to feed, and due to the mud we had to move the cows to a dry pasture.

Why, hello there baby

Mali and Lucy

Fena keeping a watchful distance from momma cow


Vuk doing a perimeter check

Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day!

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