Thursday, 29 May 2014


 I am driving down the road today, when I spot 4 little blobs on the road.
I start going through the options in my mind:
mud, rabbits, another critter?
As I get closer,
I see that there are 4 young owls sitting on the road.
As I get closer, one flutters off.
The other 3, are literally sitting ducks.

I decided they needed to be in a safer spot,
off the road and perhaps in a tree.
I gently placed my hand behind them one by one,
and brought them  to a branch in a nearby tree.

It looked like today was the day they left the nest,
that mom kicked them out,
They needed to learn to fly.
They were communicating all the time with each other,
soft little screeches.

They practiced their flying,
their climbing and perfected the fence post look.

All afternoon they were busy learning new skills,
and I got to watch them.

One little guy promptly pooped on my hand when I moved him off the road.
Some say,
being pooped on by a bird, will bring you luck.
I am a lucky lass today!

For a fleeting moment I thought of Harry Potter and his pet owl.

Then I remembered  this quote from "The Little Prince"

"But you mustn't forget it. You become responsible forever for what you've tamed."

I am content to appreciate their wild beauty 
and leave them be.
I wish these little hoo-ters the best of luck,
lots of mice
 and hope to see them around.

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