Monday, 5 May 2014

So proud!

Eric and I are so proud of what Jess has accomplished.
Even if she had she not been recognized by others, for her dedication and ethics,
we are still proud of her.
Today, she received the Premier's Award:
"17-year-old Jess Verstappen has been selected by 4-H Alberta to receive its highest honour."
Rod Carlyon, Agriculture and Rural Development, presents Jess Verstappen with the 4-H Premier’s Award trophy
"Each year, one outstanding 4‑H member is chosen at the Provincial 4‑H Selections program to represent 4‑H as the Premier's Award Recipient. Winner represents Alberta 4‑H members at the following year's Provincial 4‑H Leaders' Conference and Selections Award Breakfast. In addition, they will attend one event per region at the request of Regional 4‑H Specialists. Highlights include being a guest speaker at various agriculture events, and meeting the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and Premier of Alberta"

Not only did she receive this prestigious award, she was also selected to be a 4-H Ambassador!

Here is the link to the press release:

I do laugh at times,
I look at Eric and I look at me,
and then wonder how we managed to produce her!

Anyway, Congratulations Jess.
We know how you did this all alone, 
we know your dedication and hard work,
and we know you have loved being part of 4-H!
 We are proud of you,
simply for the wonderful person you are!
You do make a difference in the world.

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