Friday, 23 May 2014

2014 pups are here!!

Vuk, is a shy breeder and does not like to breed with onlookers.
Lucy was rather bashful as this was her first time.
So, I did not get to see the breeding take place.
Not once.
They resided together for over a week, so I was not exactly sure when and if the breeding had even taken place.

After about 5 weeks, things started to look really promising,
Lucy got a tummy.
About 10 days ago, we moved Lucy into the barn and started our regular checks.
Yesterday morning, I went out to check on her and their were 9 healthy fat pups in with her.
A few hours later, the last one arrived.
10 beautiful pups.
8 girls and only 2 boys.

So, here is the skinny on this litter.
The father is Sharmountain Vuk,
an amazing guardian, and a stunning sarplaninac.
To read more about him  ( I have blogged about him quite a bit..)
you can go HERE

Grazerie's Lucy is our homebred girl.
She comes from our two imported dogs Fena and Beli.
Lucy is a dedicated guardian, a stable pack member and a lovely sarplaninac.

This is Lucy's first litter, she is 3.5 years old.
I have good expectations for this litter.
They will be awesome guardians and dedicated home and family protectors.

Here are some photo's of the day old pups.
I will post regular updates here on the blog of the pups!

For more information about the pups you can always send me an email or call.

Looking back at previous blogs will also give you an idea of our dogs, what we do and the working environment our dogs live in!

Extra information can be found on our website:
please read our:
 Puppy page

Puppy Policy

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