Saturday, 24 May 2014

Coming of age

Today, Jess turns 18.
However, let me back track a little and share a "birth" story with you.
This is the birth card we sent to people to announce her birth!

So, Jess really did not want out.
She waited and waited until the doctor said it was time to leave the womb and face the real world.
She resisted.

The doctor told me that we would have to do a C-section and please,
 could I return to the hospital the following day.
I said no, as I still had to move some sheep around,
"could we postpone this whole c-section for a few more days?"
And so, we did.

On the 24 of May, they started the inducing process in the hopes that Jess would co-operate.
She did not.
So, at midnight the decision was made to cut her out.

At 12.17am she was out.
Eric sighed and said " she was a good one" as she could almost lift her head up, just like a lamb.
I bonded.

Unfortunately, she still needed to be in an incubator for the night and I was left with a Polaroid picture of her next to my bed to tide me over.
What a strange feeling to be a mom and not have a baby at your side.

The next morning, Eric bounced into my hospital room all happy and excited about his new baby girl.
He decided to go and collect her from the nurses and bring her to me.

Oh, the joy and happiness.

A few minuted later he appeared with this little bundle of sweetness.
He placed her on my bed.
I looked at her, and decided that this was not my baby.
Eric swept her up, cooed at her, took a million photo's of her.
Again, he handed her back to me
and again I said to him, "this is not our baby".
Sure, it is he said.

I wanted nothing to do with this baby.

He started to get concerned.
He wondered about post natal depression.

I was getting a little concerned myself,
but for completely different reasons.

Finally, I decided to hold the baby,
while holding  the baby,
 I decided to undress this newborn child.
In doing so,
I discovered that this child was not mine.

" Look" I said to Eric..
"This is a little boy,
and I know we did not have a boy last night!"

Eric propelled himself from the chair,
the look of surprise, amazement and shock was all over his face.
He returned the child to the baby room, spoke to the nurses,
a panic ensued, apologies made
and my sweet, baby girl was brought back to me.

My maternal feelings kicked in,
and yes,
I just knew this was my child!
From the tender age of 10 days old, Jess would always come shepherding with me, we could be found on the heather with a few good collies, a bunch of sheep, sarplaninac Chantal, Jess and me..
Jess helping making lamb milk
Herding sheep..

Animal lover from the start.

At this age sheep were not her thing.. she was terrified, luckily for her she grew over this!
I do ponder, once every  year, what would have happened if that baby was not a boy,
how would I have been able to "prove" this was not my child?
I often wonder, what did happen to little
Mitchel, from Oss..

After that, we never let her go again!

Congratulations Jess, we are proud of the woman you have become
and have and will always love you.
We will always find you!

But, I suppose it is time to let you go,
seeing that you are all grown up now.

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