Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Here are the most recent puppie pictures!
And not just a few,
more like a few million.
Pups are way to cute just to take one or two pictures of.

Litter Fena and Vuk
3 weeks old
from left, are the 5 boys and then the 3 girls to the right.
The pups are 3 weeks old, growing like weeds.
Every day is an adventure, as they are learning to play and move and growl and eat..

I have some group shots as well as individual pictures of each pup.

Just a reminder to the puppy buyers,
the pups only get selected (except for male and female) once they are older and showing some more charater, in order to match up the right puppy  for the right job and family! 

We still have a few pups available from this litter.
Male 1
(Oh Henry)

Male 2:
(Mr Big)
(When I grow up I will sleep under the hay feeder..)
Male 3

Male 4

 Male 5

Female 1

Female 2

Female 3
(Kit Kat)

Various other puppy pictures.

Group Hug

5 boys left, 3 girls right.


The boys:

The girls

One day when I grow up, I am going to be a majestic guardian.

This cat loves puppies.
Fena hates cats that love her pups..
So, kitty Tom decided to take advantage of the puppy photo shoot to hang out and have his ears sucked on.

Gus loves puppy breath,
and so do I.
I am not sure if the pup loves cow breath though.

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