Sunday, 8 September 2013

Another invite to go and talk..

I have been invited to talk about
Livestock guardian dogs at the
Alberta Goat Breeders 2013 Convention.


This is so exciting as I love talking about dogs,
particularly about dogs who have a job.
This job, that LGD do,
is really very important.
It has a  huge impact on:
the well being of the livestock,
the well being of the rancher,
the financial well being of the company/family and
of course for the well being of the environment,
and its predators.

The biggest favour we can do for predators is:
 to ensure they stay wild,
eat wild food,
and learn to avoid us humans.
If the predators do that,
 there will be less conflicts,
and less conflicts means more peace of mind.

A win-win situation for everyone.

So, talking about about livestock guardian dogs,
and possibly helping people to learn to raise, train and utilise them better,
is important to me.

So, I will be talking about at the:
 Alberta Goat Breeders Convention
Where: Camrose
When: Saturday 28th Spetember 2013
To read more about the convention please visit the 

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