Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Close encounters of the sheepy kind..

So, as I promised yesterday,
I have two blog fulls of puppy pictures.
I personally think these interaction type pictures are way nicer,
more telling,
and in all honesty, I could sit and watch the pups and sheep ALL day.
However, that is not possible.

The soggy pups went on a little adventure to visit with some of the (cull/runty/ugly, non breed worthy) rams.
This was not only exciting for the pups,
but the sheep were also pretty curious about the critters in the field.

Some pups were fearless,
others were a little more caustious and a few just wanted to hang around with us.
The pups were wet from the rain,
but that did not slow them down.

Well, hallo there..

Twix, pondering the meaning of life.

Kit Kat and Aero


Mr Big


Lena and the babes

Kit Kat

Mud puppy, Oh Henry

Crunchie and  ??  feeling brave


Who us??

 Whole gang,
I suppose for the sheep they seem like little Hells Angels.

United we stand..

Coming and going
My favorite picture of the day.

Mr Big and Aero
Lena and her fav pup of the day, Crunchie
Hanging out together
I will be heading off to the Living with Wildlife conference this weekend in Vancouver.
I am excited about this,
however I always feel some apprehension.

Have a good day!

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