Saturday, 1 November 2014

It is all about Math..

What time of the year to breed a bitch is a big consideration for us.
We need to consider our own schedules,
 the farm's schedule,
and the weather.
We, then hope that the bitch, who we intend to breed,
will come into season when we plan....
(and that is not always the case)

So, here is  a calculation to illustrate, what I mean:

Planning to breed Katcha for a 2015 litter.

She comes into season in October 2014,
which is a little sooner than we hoped.
However, here is how the planning "thinking" goes:
Breed her now,
add on 9 weeks pregnancy,
means she will whelp in December.
We are lambing then,
 and have Christmas break so will be spending a lot of time in the barn,
time to cuddle the pups!
But, it is cold.
Cold, we can dress up for,
 and, I have a heated whelping area in the barn,
so is not really a big concern.

Our schedule is a little easier in the winter than in the summer.
We are more at home,
 the stock is all close by,
and we are are not out haying all day.
So, all considered, winter is not too bad.
The soonest the pups can leave will be 12 weeks,
so they can leave  in March 2015,
that is, for the pups who will be  staying in Canada.

If they are heading off to the USA,
 they have to stay an additional month due to the changes in regulations,
regarding rabies.
Those pups will leave in April 2014.

This is a good time,
 as there are no flight embargoes,
and the weather is only going to get better.
The pups have a long drawn out summer ahead of them to bond with their stock.
Due to the nice weather, the owners are happy to be outside to supervise
 the young pup.

So, weighing up all the options,
we decided to breed Katcha now,
 to have pups ready to go in Spring 2015.

This will be her second litter ( she is 5 years old),
and it will be a repeat breeding to Vuk.
We have a female from this combination ( Mali)
 and are more than satisfied with her progress, her character, her build and LGD temperament.

We are excited about repeating this combination again.

If you are interested in a pup from this litter,
please check out our website as regarding our Puppy Policy
and fill out an application.

Katcha was imported from the Czech Republic as a pup,
her mother was the World Champion Sarplaninac in her younger days.

Vuk, came from the USA from Shar Mountain Kennels.
Here are some pictures of  Katcha and Vuk:

This is Katcha

This is Vuk

And, this is Katcha's sire:
Cer Sapo Suvodo

And Vuk again.


We are excited for this litter,
 that the previous litter produced fantastic pups.

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