Thursday, 13 November 2014

Winter Wonderland

We are in the throes of winter,
the first winter storm came, dumped some snow
and left behind some arctic air.

With temperatures hovering around -25 at night and then warming to around -15 C,
there is no more denying that winter is here and will stay.
Like a fairy painted the tree's.
Today, was one of those days,
so incredibly beautiful;
 one cannot  BUT,
 stop pause and admire the glorious winter landscape.

The hoar frost paints the tress,
the ice crystals on the window pane,
the clear blue skies,
 and the pink haze of the sunset.

Aah, the beauty of a winter's day.
The morning sun

Our house

The road leading to our house

The dead end of our road, our ranch to the left.


The ewes pawing for the last shreds of grass.

Puppy Shara, 6 months old and getting ready for her first winter.

The cows

A view to the back of the barn

The fence line

  Our Border collies are chained out during the day, 
and are in an insulated building for the nights.
Part of the morning and evening chores is to walk and let the collies run and play,
During the day we work various dogs depending on the chores that need doing.

The collie yard
A coyote visitor, more pics of this girl later.

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