Sunday, 30 November 2014

On the other side

After my post
"I love Coyotes"
the coyotes, decided to take it  a little too literally.
Almost immediately,
 a coyotes was yipping under my bedroom window,
hanging out by the deck
and mooching about in our yard.

So, I needed to take some action.
Alaska, our elderly sarplaninac used to guard the dugout area,
keeping the beavers and musk rats at bay.
after Wile-E decided to move in,
we decided we needed a yard dog.

Alaska, is now head of homeland security.
She, will  be on full duty in a few days,
after recovering from her spay.

I like to be flexiable with our dogs,
they are moved around as needed.
So, when Alaska moved to the yard,
some  of the other dogs also needed to be moving around.

Vuk and Lucy moved to the cows, they are head of - border security


Shara, Katcha, Mali and Fena are  the capable team of - inland security

 he is head of - the marines ( ram duty)

It is a lonely job..

Heey, Shara where are you going?

Sad Face, she left me

Really, really forlorn..

Yay, they come back..

Happy, Happy Face

Catching up on news..

All, is well..
After, this meet and greet,
the girls took off to go and chase away some ravens in the distance..

Lining out

Spreading out,
divide and conquer.

Once again, all is well,
quite and

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