Thursday, 30 October 2014

Old photo's and a new balance

I have already shared some of these pictures of our sarplaninac dog playing on the bales.
However, I wanted to share a few more, before winter sets in.

This time of year is always a big adjustment in the schedule.
The grazing season comes to an end.
All the animals are back home again.
 The feeding routine needs to be started.
It freezes at night,
and we have had the first snow.
The clock gets turned back,
and that, messes the most with my sense of order.

The rhythm of summer, changes,
and a new balance needs to be found.

But, before we move into the new equilibrium,
I wanted to share the joy.

Mali jumping for joy.

It is irresistible to not want to play together on the bales.

The ability to play on the bales has an advantage as it provides an excellent spot to overview all the sheep goings on.

There is always time,
 for some hugging

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