Thursday, 9 October 2014


Our family will be complete again for just 2 short days,
 when Jess returns from college for a quick Thanksgiving visit.
I am so excited and happy and proud.

I know that family is an important  for many mammal species;
not just for us humans.
The human family is not unique in the way it  provides;
care, support, safety, guidance and education  to its kids.

Killer whales and their family pods do,
the herd helps to raise an elephant baby,
wolf packs are made up of pop, mom and the kids,
coyotes are monogamous and raise their kids in a family unit,
and of course our dogs do to.

A dog pack can be made up of various non related members,
I do believe that the family unit has stronger ties and bonds.

When I look at this picture,
I can see the pride,
and the joy
 (almost) a smile on Vuk's face,
when he interacts with one of his kids.
The pup is respectful, playful and has a greater teacher to learn from.

I think, I feel the same way about our kids!!

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