Thursday, 3 January 2013

Unfinished business..

I still have some unfinished business from 2012,
so I need to get that done before I can move on.

One of my new years resolutions this year is to ride my horse more.
I love it.
It brings a smile to my face,
a peacefulness to my soul.
(Except, when my horse tries to buck me off..)

So, the last day of 2012
was a beautiful day,
the sun was shining,
the snow was thick and fluffy,
it sparkled,
it was only minus 3,
the ewes did not want to lamb,
the chores where done.
So, Jess and I caught the horses and ventured out into the
pristine snow and made our own tracks.

It was great!

In my post of good wishes for 2013
I mentioned that it would be great to have a guardian angel to watch over us.

Well, I have been bumping into quite a few angels lately.
I got this one from our wonderful neighbours:

And, while out and about on our ranch,
 I found these snow angels:

I am now ready to face the teenage years of this century!

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