Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tractor woes..

This blog is not only about the daily ramblings of our northern Alberta Sheep and Cattle ranch.
I like to share some of our daily drivel, fun moments, adventures, kids and whatever happens to be on my mind.
So, once again, I have a little incident to share with you.
Ok, so those who have been following us ( Eric and I) on facebook and my blog will know that we sort of have an ongoing vehicle disaster thing going. We like to point out the other person’s weaknesses and faults when it comes to wheel placement, overturned trailers, wrecking trucks, broken tractor windows, getting stuck in snow banks and so the list goes on.
What many of you may not realise is, that this has been going on, way before facebook even existed.

Well, today was one of those moments that I get to write about…haha
Eric and I were feeding the sheep, he was on the tractor and I was working the dog and making sure that no sheep get run over.  I had a ewe that was not looking too good so once Eric was done with feeding, I waved him down to talk about what to do with this ewe.
 So, picture this… Eric is sitting in the cab of the tractor and I am standing on the ground, next to the engine of the tractor. We talk about the ewe..
 I glance sideways and in my calmest, help desk, no panic voice say; 
“Uhmm, the tractor is on fire”
Eric responds “ No, its NOT on fire”
I say (once again in a quiet, calm, firm voice) “ Well, there are real flames coming out”
Eric launches from the tractor and starts beating the flames out with his gloved hands.
Seeing, that I am in calm, thinking mode, I grab snow and throw that on the flames.
Working together, we manage to put out the fire with snow.
I walk around to the other side of the tractor where more huge flames are coming out of the engine on that side.
The panic starts invading my calmness.
Once again we start dousing the flames with the snow. Eric commands me to run the half a kilometer back to the house to get a fire extinguisher while he keeps dumping snow on the tractor.
By the time I return the flames are out.
Eric crawls under the tractor to loosen the engine crash plate under the engine, to ensure all the flames are out…
Unfortunately, I did not have time to take photographic evidence of this incident. For those who want to know the way and how, you can always ask Eric.
At this stage, it looks like nothing major was damaged,
however this is not the first time we have had a little vehicle fire.
This photo is of a car we had in the Netherlands…and yes Eric was driving
and, I believe we caused a major traffic jam and made the news with that one...

So, that was our afternoon… how about yours?

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