Sunday, 27 January 2013

Oh, Deer!

"We want a world where the only shots that can be heard in the forest are those made by a camera."
Last week I noticed a little deer hiding in the woods close to where we feed our cows and the two colts hay bales.
She (or he) just watched from a distance
did not move away when we came rumbling in with the tractor.

hello baby..
don't be shy

Well, she has now discovered that we feed grain to the calves at  the other corral..
 Today, she decided she was brave enough to come out and see what we were doing.
We could get within about 2m from this little white tail deer.
She is young and thin and battling the huge amount of snow we have.
We don't mind her eating a bit of feed from the cows,
it is nice to help the wildlife through the winter.

 We do have a resident herd of whitetails on our ranch and I am pretty sure she belongs with them but somehow got separated from them.
Well, she has  Crackers to hang out with until she can reunite with the other deer.

Bye Bambi
See you tomorrow..

Uhmm, Hallo Moose,
(actually there where three of them)
Are you also looking for some food?

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